Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Our Expert Outdoor Lighting Electricians Share Their Tips

Within your immediate and extended social group, are you the one they call “host with the most?” Entertaining a group of friends in your home can be a pleasure, but a stress at the best of times. Facilitating a warm, comfortable and stylish interior can make hosting that much simpler. When the sunshine hits and everyone wants to be entertained in the exterior portion of the home, the front garden, patio, or backyard can make great spots for guests to rest, relax, and chat in the warm San Antonio sunshine. west-texas-sunset After the sun goes down over Texas, you want to keep the party flowing and your home’s exterior glowing with the perfect landscape lighting. Consider designing your landscape lighting with the experienced team of your Electrician. Before you invest in lighting, take in account the following tips straight from expert’s at your Electrician. Lights are great for outdoor events, but also for your kids who want to play soccer, as dusk settles in. They can shine a light to help you safely make your way down a pathway. Additionally, if you have invested a lot of money in designing your garden, they can provide light to enjoy the view after dark.
Remember: • From inside your home – Our team will ensure that your lighting will look beautiful, no matter what window you look out of. We believe it should look gorgeous from inside the home as well as outside. • Focal points – Less is definitely more in this case. Why not choose one or two elements of the garden to focus on. Perhaps you have some ruby red rose-bushes. Consider lighting them from below. • Depth of field – Consider installing lights along pathways, a number of lights on the house and a couple within landscaped beds. parkstyle-outdoor-lightingThis will generate some depth in the landscape. • Ambience – Integrating spotlights will draw attention to a specific area, whereas lighting to create ambience will very softly light up a whole area. Try implementing both style into the design. There are three primary methods of lighting your landscape garden: down-lighting, up-lighting, and cross-lighting.

Landscape Lighting – Outdoor Lighting

Let’s take a look at the benefits of each: • Down-lighting – Don’t you love the light of the full moon? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that all of the time? Well, by aiming lights down from a tree, you can have that gentle, diffused glow at any time of the month. • Up-lighting – This method is all about drama. Placing the light on the ground in an upward position, can emphasize features of architectural pieces, for example. This brings contrast and shadow to your exterior • Cross-lighting – This method can look really great when done properly. It is used to completely illuminate a focal point in the garden, be it a tree canopy or a statue, by lighting it from both sides. Outdoor lighting not only adds visual drama to your garden, but also lends an added safety bonus for you and your loved ones. Should you choose a Good Electrician, some of the main areas we will illuminate are as follows: 1. Pathways: You do not need to install lighting right along the sides of the path. Combining directional lights with ambient lighting will a more natural look to the landscape.

2. Patios:
Patios may be the main area for your night time soirees. Give that full moon effect by down-lighting this social space.

3. Trees:
Tress can be your garden’s most natural focal point. So, consider cross-lighting some interesting shapes in the trees structure.

4. Architecture:
You probably paid through the nose for your home, so use it for everything it has got to offer. Consider up-lighting or cross-lighting interesting architectural elements.

Unusual Lighting Effects

A good Electricians can help you create some really interesting light and shadow effects, depending on what architectural features and landscape elements you have at your disposal. Down-lighting from atop of a tree canopy can add a really interesting scattered lighting effect. Similarly, when lit in an appropriate way, a focal point like an angel or a statue, can cast a dramatic shadow on the home. If you have never considered landscape lighting, or you are looking to upgrade. Just call a good electrician in your area.


Brand Building On and Offline

To show up on “page one” of a Google search has become the dream of many new businesses, but page one (or even two or three) takes brand-building time.

Background concept wordcloud illustration of electronic digital media

Background concept wordcloud illustration of electronic digital media

Online marketing is important to build your business, but with so many companies vying for attention on the world wide web, it’s important to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) when posting content.

You can start to build your reputation offline first by having great products and services. Don’t rush your launch before your services or product is the best it can be. Consumer satisfaction grows your brand and can spill over to building a strong online reputation as well. Happy customers will result in positive online reviews and social media brags–maybe even ones that include photos. Brand recognition at no cost to you! Without growing satisfied consumers, fancy marketing and great web-site content won’t build a positive brand reputation.

Once you have the right product, your site’s content should be designed to best describe your business as well as help it pop up in search engines. Understanding how customers will search you and incorporating those key words into your copy is key.
And finally, you must maintain top notch customer service. If you utilize social media, be sure these accounts are managed regularly. Remember how visual twitter and facebook comments become. It doesn’t take many “shares” or “retweets” before a whole community can become aware of a problem. Stay positive and professional! Have customer-friendly policies in place to be real and engaged with people both on and offline.

People really do come to like and even love brands, particularly the ones they feel have staying power and add value to their lifestyle. Businesses are wise to treat customers as people with whom they can have an interactive relationship that goes beyond a dollar exchange.
Find yourself a digital marketing Agency and San Antonio Website Design Company to assist you in your efforts

Teach music to your children

Bringing Music to Our Children

Most of us have seen (and loved) at least one viral video of a young child’s hilarious reaction to a song. Either because it caused a quick change from tantrum to happy, fierce dance moves, or even a steady stream of tears (Ah, Jackson. “Say Something” IS a really sad song.) we get it. We love seeing children start speaking the universal language of music at such a young age.

Many a parent has sacrificed one big pot and a wooden stirring spoon to entertain their toddler as they prepped dinner to the child’s rhythm-discovering beat. Many a teacher has had to quiet down a pencil drumming solo in order to get class started. Both would agree children have music inside them!

Children react to music and strive to discover the music within them at a very young age. As their parent, grandparent or other caretaker we do well to encourage this curiosity and empower their passion through music lessons.

Perhaps you have a budding classical pianist or smooth-grooving bass guitar player. Perhaps your little girl “has the beat” and will go on to share Gina Schock’s, drummer for the Go-Go’s, rocker fame. A talent for music doesn’t even have to be pushed towards professional stardom, (because let’s face it, that’s not likely) but playing an instrument should still be encouraged. The benefits are numerous!

Music Boosts Brain Power and Memory
Psychologist Leigh Riby, in a study for Northumbria University in the United Kingdom, says “Well-recognised, vibrant, emotive and uplifting first movement, had the ability to enhance mental alertness and brain measures of attention and memory.”

And Maestro Eduardo Marturet, a conductor, composer and musical director for the Miami Symphony Orchestra says, “”Further research has shown that participation in music at an early age can help improve a child’s learning ability and memory by stimulating different patterns of brain development.”

Music Helps Kids Socially
Children who become involved in a band or ensemble learn how to work as a team toward the united goal of mastering a piece of music together. There is a deep camaraderie in their work efforts and success! These efforts may help your child come out of his shell as he learns how to relate to others during this process.

Music Teaches Patience, Discipline, and Confidence
In our world of instant gratification, patience is a hard skill to learn but still very necessary.
It takes patience to wait for your part in the orchestra piece. It takes even more patience to learn that part in the first place!

There’s this old joke that begins “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer? “Practice, practice, practice.” To improve in music, you have to devote time to practicing outside of the lessons too. Balancing these practice with other schoolwork and other family demands requires discipline.

Enforcing practicing is the part of music lessons many parents dread because it takes repetitive practice to learn a song and no one in the household enjoys the constant banging of those initially bad notes. (Consider headphones!) But keep the end goal in sight. When a child wants to quit on a piece of music considered too difficult, we have to come in and encourage them to keep going. The confidence, once he or she, has finally climbed that mountain of difficulty, is invaluable!

Music Helps with Self Expression and Creativity
Children might not be able to articulate their emotions but will dance in joy or cry through a song. Helping him find the music and take part in that music further empowers them!

Creativity is good for the mind, body and soul! So go find a local School for the Performing Arts that has Music Lessons on their agenda and take your kids there.

Tips for Buying a Garden Fence Entry Door

Tips for Buying a Garden Fence Entry Door

Wrought Iron gates/entry doors are a fantastic way to add a touch of style to your San Antonio home. The design can really add a touch of class and beauty to your home. You’ll need it to, not only add an aesthetic suitable to your home, but also to add some much needed security; keeping you, your property and your loved ones safe and sound. Keep the following tips in mind when purchasing an entry door.

What is your budget?

Like any purchase, how much you are willing to spend is a vital consideration. You want it to be kind to your pocket without skimping on quality. There are a range of options currently on the market for all budgets. a c good Fence Company can give some much needed advice in terms of your particular budget and needs.

Keeping Style in Mind

When choosing the style of fence you want, it’s important to consider the overall look and feel of your home. Some fences will not tie in with the mode and tone of your property. For example an opulent, ornate style fence looks great with a Victorian. A wrought-iron fence may not fit well with a more modern, contemporary home.

The Devil’s in the Detail

A Fence Contractor can advise their customers on customization of their choice of fence. Our valued customers have the option of adding decorative glass panelling, detailed carving, or high quality locks and handles. These customized details can add another level of style and function to your property’s exterior visual.

Choosing the Right Materials

Security doors can be produced using steel, or wrought iron, while entry doors may be made from wood or fibreglass. Again your specific needs and budget must be taken into consideration when deciding on materials. Wooden fencing may be kind to your pocket, but may not provide an adequate level of security. Consulting with Fencing expert will make your material decision easier.

Safe and Sound

As well as visual considerations you need to really think about how much security you are garnering from the installation of an entry gate. If safety is your main concern then wooden entry gates may not be the best option for you and your home. If its security your after then choosing a high gate with an appropriate locking system could be the option for you.

A good Fence and Gutter Contractor is your one-stop-shop for your all your entry door needs. So whether you need advice on materials, budget, or style, you can rest assured we’ll give you all of assistance we can.

Boat Safety: Avoiding Unnecessary Tragedies

Boat Safety: Avoiding Unnecessary Tragedies

Growing up in San Antonio, my family and I took many weekend breaks and summer vacations west to Lake Medina, and north to Canyon Lake. There, we spent time boating, we water skied, I went fishing with my Father and Uncles, and we soaked up the beautiful Texas landscape.
Year after year, the lakes drew huge numbers of once-off vacationers and regular visitors alike. As a child, I heard countless tales of holiday-makers and locals catching huge fish. Now, I reminisce about family picnics at the campsites and coves, as well as us kids getting swimming lessons from the lifeguards there.

Even though I look back fondly at my lakeside childhood, the stories that stuck with me the most were the unfortunate tragedies that befell families. The memories of terrible boating accidents which resulted in countless lost lives. Completely unnecessary fatalities.

Because we travelled to the lakes year after year, I encountered the same people who returned just like I did. Friends were made and bonds were formed. Sadly, some of the tragedies involved those new friends that I had made. I wonder now, how could those fatalities could have been avoided.

Many of the accidents were due to a lack of information and knowledge; some of them because of a lack of necessary safety equipment. One friend who believed he was a good-enough swimmer, thought a life-vest wasn’t required. Other incidents were caused because lights weren’t checked before leaving the shore. Simply, these accidents really could have been avoided had those individuals known the very basic water safety considerations.

I was one of the lucky ones who learned these preventative measures. To prevent your own personal water tragedies, take heed of the following safety measures while out on the water.

1. Develop a “Float Plan”: Make sure that a friend knows when you’re departing, giving them a detailed description of your boat. Let them know exactly where you’re going, when you should be returning, and what to do if you don’t make it back.
2. Wear a life jacket or personal flotation device:  Make sure it’s approved by the Unites States Coast Guard and is perfect working condition. It’s vital that the vest or device is readily available should you need it.
3. Employ the use of the boat’s navigation lights.  Test them prior to leaving, ensuring that they are in full-working order. Also, keep spares on board should the others fail.
4. Store paddles or oars on the vessel, to use in the event of motor failure.
5. Guarantee that the boat’s operator has completed the all-important boat safety course.
6. Completely avoid alcohol before and after you take off.
7. Boat insurance: Ensure you get cover for injury/damage to personnel and property, as well as physical damage and medical.

Safety Equipment Requirements:
♣ Don’t forget your first aid kit
♣ Fire extinguishers – Take the size of your boat into consideration. Think about how many you need, what size they should be, and check that they are in full working order
♣ Remember your distress signals: EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) and flares
♣ Line and anchors
♣ Bilge pump or other bailing device
♣ Clock and/or watch
♣ A searchlight or large, bright flashlight

It is always smart to cover your bases. Good insurance from a local Insurance Agency, that covers your boat and car or truck is highly advisable.